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We offer a great selection of courses between Mobile App and Web App development.

Course 1

Course 1- Getting started with Plezmo

Download and setup Plezmo and get ready for building exciting Applications.

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Course 2

Course 2 – Introduction to App Design

Learn about the basics of App design in this course.

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Course 3

Course 3 – Build your first App

Learn to build your first app with an exciting Clicker game.

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Course 4

Course 4 – Completing and publishing your Android App

Publish and install your first Android App and share it with others.

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Course 5

Course 5 – WebApp development with Data Analysis

Let us build a real-world web application for a community survey about the Future of Work.

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Course 6

Course 6 – Publishing and sharing a WebApp

Complete and publish a WebApp to conduct a community survey and analyse the data.

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