Build your own Interactive App!

Learn how to create mobile / web apps and share with your friends and family!

Project Based Learning

Learn through fun and engaging projects of your liking.

No Coding Background Needed

Courses are designed for absolute beginners as well as experienced coders!

Get Certified

Get points and Certificates on completing different courses.

How do I get started?

Step 1: Click Login/Register

Create a New Account or Login with an existing account. You will need an email address to create an account. Fill in all details correctly when creating an account as this information will be printed on your certificates.

Step 2: Complete courses in sequence

Go to “My Account” page after logging in. Start with Course 1 and work your way through all the courses till Course 6. You can complete courses at your own speed. Your progress is stored in the system even if you logout. You can pause and resume as per your convenience.

Step 3: Earn Badges

You win a badge for every completed course. Earned and Pending badges can be seen on “My Account” page.

Step 4: Get Certificates

You will receive certificates for “Mobile App Development” after completing course 4 and “Web App Development” after after completing course 6 ! Certificates can be downloaded from “My Account” page.

Step 5: Help & Support

In case of any questions, click the “Need Help” option at bottom of the screen to search for answers to common problems. Else, click “Help” option in the menu to get more support.


After completing the first course, keep getting better by taking intermediate and advanced level courses!

Course 1

Course 1- Getting started with Plezmo

Download and setup Plezmo and get ready for building exciting Applications.

Course Contents...

Course 2

Course 2 – Introduction to App Design

Learn about the basics of App design in this course.

Course contents...

Course 3

Course 3 – Build your first App

Learn to build your first app with an exciting Clicker game.

Course contents...

Course 4

Course 4 – Completing and publishing your Android App

Publish and install your first Android App and share it with others.

Course contents...

Course 5

Course 5 – WebApp development with Data Analysis

Let us build a real-world web application for a community survey about the Future of Work.

Course contents...

Course 6

Course 6 – Publishing and sharing a WebApp

Complete and publish a WebApp to conduct a community survey and analyse the data.

Course contents...

Prepare yourself for Jobs of the future!

85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 have not even been invented yet. Advent of AI, IoT, ML, AR/VR is transforming job landscapes from medical to architecture, design to sports. Learning essential 21st Century skills will ensure you are ready for jobs of the future in any career path you chose!

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Express Yourself through Technology

Develop apps, games and creations in your area of liking. From Music to Sports, Arts to Storytelling, Games to Real-World solutions – everything is possible!

Share your creations with the whole world

The Apps built with the courses can be shared with the whole world through Plezmo Community. Start building your app portfolio today!

Learn by Doing

Use apps to solve real-world challenges. Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills!

Start your learning journey!